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Professional Objective

Management position in a company that can utilize my experience and provide an opportunity for continuing my career growth and objectives.


A management professional with experience in project management, strategic and tactical planning, market and competitive analysis and product management & marketing. Proven strengths in both planning and implementation coupled with strong skills in independent work, leadership and team building. The ability to assemble cross-functional project teams and manage vendor relationships.



Business Restructure (In Process)

Work in progress restructuring a small general contractor corporation to improve its competitive position and profitability in a very competitive market.


*   Analysis of its market and development of a competitive strategy.

*   Development and implementation of marketing plans to improve its position with existing customers; reach new customers and increase awareness of services capabilities to engineering firms.

*    Development and implementation of collateral capabilities to support sales and marketing efforts, including printed materials, direct marketing and use of the internet.

*    Improved financial management methodology, new job tracking capability to determine profitability, new expense tracking and analysis.

*    Reorganization and restructure of office capabilities to provide better support to the total effort, including improved interoffice workflow, improved job tracking system, greater use of PCs and implementation of a LAN and internet capability.


Project Management

Management responsibility for multi-million dollar PC hardware and software standardization over 15 months.  Included financial, purchase and asset management responsibility.  Required leadership in establishing cross organizational and vendor teams.

*    Project impacted over several thousand PCs was brought in on time and 8% under budget.

*    93% of users rated the project 4-5 (5 scale).

*    All users received training on the new platform.

Project became the basis for several organizations to accomplish the same objectives resulting in a significant contribution for over $100M budget reduction in asset expense.  Acted a strategic member or consultant to many of these teams.

Webmaster of the project website providing communication for both project personnel and end users. 

*    Site became the division’s technical support home site.

*    Site was expanded as primary information site for the entire division.

*    Site became a test bed for collaborative communications testing jointly with enterprise architectural teams.


Strategic and Tactical Planning

*    Represented the business division in the enterprise architectural teams that established technology direction in all phases of technology use and corporate strategic studies in emerging technologies and their application. Addressed issues of PC Hardware, Client Software Images and Intranet Standardization and Performance.  Responsible to lead the efforts within the business division.

-   Reduced the number of supported hardware platforms by 65%.

-    Reduced the number of supported pc software images to 6.

*    Member of the Intranet Performance Committee that addressed overall design, creation, management and access performance and led several teams.

*  Chaired the team to improve the division’s technology certification procedures.

*    Developed and recommended plans addressing total life cycle management of technology assets.


Market and Competitive  Analysis

*    Managed a 10 year study of the collaborative communications market that resulted in the development of competitive models of market action, key statistical forecasts of market behavior and tracking of market developments and revenues.

*    Ancillary studies were commissioned on groupware, artificial intelligence, internet development and impact, copyright and intellectual property issues, telecommuting, distance and tele-learning and use of advanced personal technology hardware and software.

*    Ongoing output of the study resulted in anticipative competitive planning, new product offers, modified pricing models and increases in revenues and market position.


Product Management & Marketing

*    Primary manager responsible for collaborative communications platform for video conferencing, including strategic and tactical plans, vendor partner negotiation, sales compensation plan management, advertising and promotion and chair of a cross organizational team for application planning.

*    Managed customer and market awareness of capabilities and offers.

*    Innovative marketing agreements with vendors to provide expanded market opportunity.

*    Developed new non-disclosure agreements jointly with the legal department to provide a vehicle to obtain critical market information from customers quickly and to assist in the development of new product offers.


Business Experience


C&H Trucking & Paving, Inc.


8/2004 - Present

Business/Office Manager

Co-operative effort with the owner to improve profitability, market position, financial analysis and workflow efficiency.



7/1998 - 8/2004



Took time to pursue other interests, do some volunteer work and accomplish some home remodeling.



AT&T Business Markets Division


1996 - 6/1999

Technology and Infrastructure Manager

Revamped the technology platform of the sales force enabling the move to current technologies bringing the benefits of increased productivity and lower total cost of ownership through reducing support costs.




AT&T WorldWorx Network Services


1991 - 1996

Market Intelligence Analyst

Developed and recommended strategic plans that resulted in yearly increase in sales and a 40% market share by 1996.  Responsibilities included industry support and professional membership in industry organizations and chair of various industry committees.  This also included publishing papers, providing interviews to the press and participation in industry standards work.



AT&T Data Communications Services


1986 - 1991

Product Management and Marketing Manager

Responsible for the interactive video capability of the collaborative communications platform.  This included development of product plans, cross-unit teams and resources, negotiating and managing vendor agreements, managing sales force compensation plans and advertising and promotion of offers and capability.


Education / Training

Computer Science (MIT) – Mini-MBA through AT&T


Competitive Advantage: Proven Tools for Business Success (Mini-MBA)


Netscape Suite Spot Server


 Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)


Web Design (Various classes, including FrontPage)


Consumer Marketing




1985 - 2000

Board of Directors and Senior Corporate Member, International Teleconferencing Association (ITCA)


1985 - 1997

Senior Member, Telecon Advisory Board


1993 - 1997

Member at Large, US Distance Learning Association (USDLA)


1987 - 1990

Member at Large, Society of Satellite Professional, International (SSPI)




Significant Recognitions


Contributing  Member, Franz Edelman Award in Management Science



Telespan Pace Award, Lifetime Achievement



Vice President’s Award for Japan Week LA



Picasso Project Recognition, Corporate strategic team on use of visual communications and information



First Commercial Demonstration of Multipoint Video Conferencing



Communication Design and Training Program for United Airlines Mileage Plus Call Center



First Large Scale Use of Communications for Electronic Order Entry (EOE) with the American Hospital Supply ASAP System



Computer Skills

Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT 4, 98


Microsoft Office Professional, including Publisher and FrontPage


Website design and maintenance (Dreamweaver, HomeSite)


Audio and video editing  (Pinnacle Studio, Cool Edit Pro)


PC troubleshooting, repair and building


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